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Is There More?

I could never accept that what was on offer was all there is. I didn't do well at school and struggled with so much of what most people seemed to take in their stride. But, why would we have a desire for a better way of living if that way doesn't exist? I have invested 25 years investigating personal growth and now understand that as we learn to deal with unrealistic expectations and those limiting subconscious beliefs, life transformation becomes a reality.

Escaping The Grind

Does life have to be such a grind? I grew up believing life was dark and not to expect too much, just keep your head down and try to get by. I understood that we have an inbuilt desire for work, but why should we be trapped in a life of toil and inadequate reward? After working with some of the bestI now know by experience that there is better way to live and it all begins with understanding that success is an inside job. Our lives change as our thinking changes.

Enjoying The Journey

Should life really be a dull experience with only the odd splash of colour? I used to think so, but not any more. Life can be very hard sometimes, but it also beautiful. I am honoured to work with visionaries and people from all walks of life who have a dream. Dreams worth going for aren't going to be fulfilled in a weekend, but no dream is worth a forty year journey of misery - there wont be time to enjoy it.  Learning to enjoy the moment is a key component in personal success.

Make A Difference

Over the last thirty five years I have worked with children, young people, business leaders, and people struggling to get by. The thing that has driven me for all those years is that I have to make a difference in peoples lives. My passion is to give people the tools and understanding that can take their lives, businesses and relationships to knew levels of effectiveness and joy. I am convinced that success is not the forbidden fruit, it is available for everyone in all its different forms and is achieved through  understanding and design.


I think it is universally agreed  that we all need to feel significant in order to lead healthy and effective lives, which is why for years I struggled to enjoy success. Today I am convinced that every person is intrinsically significant from day one, so rather than spending years of anxiety and stress in pursuing significance, I look to equip people to come to terms with their own value and significance as well that of others. Once we have personal significance as our starting point instead of our goal, I wonder just how far can you go?

Unlimited Potential

Our beliefs about what we are capable of often have more to do with what other people said about us, rather than our true potential. Once I stopped believing the limits I had allowed to be put on me my abilities transformed. No matter what challenges face you and no matter how long you have been facing them, you have not reached your limit. I know that you have virtually limitless potential and as you learn to tap into that you can see massive change. Please realise that your current circumstances are not a prediction of your future, but a pointer to your past. Your future will be determined by what you decide today.

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